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Perennial Plants


Growing Snapdragon

Snapdragons are a perennial plant that is native to the Western Mediterranean region and Western North America with about 20 different varieties. They have been grown by gardeners dating back to the 1700s and they...

Growing Gladiolus

Gladiolus produces multiple booms that are available in a variety of colors that makes this perennial a favorite amongst gardeners Gladiolus are perennial that is native mainly to South Africa but they are also...

Growing Foxglove

Foxglove is an easy-to-grow plant with beautiful tubular blooms that appear on a spike that can be as tall as four feet tall. Foxglove is a perennial and annual plant that is native to Western...

Growing Astilbe

Astilbes are an easy-to-grown and maintain shrub with amazing blooms that look great in any garden, landscaping, or container. Astilbes are perennials that are native to Japan, Korea, and China where they grow wild in...
Coral Bells

Growing Coral Bells

Coral bells are bursting with colorful foliage which makes this plant a great addition to any botanical garden. Coral bells are the common name used for many different species of plants that consist of hundreds...