How To Store Garden Tools

Garden Tools

Gardening is a wonderful hobby that not only brings us closer to nature but also provides an incredible sense of satisfaction.

However, it does come with the responsibility of maintaining and storing a variety of tools.

Proper storage prolongs the longevity of garden tools, keeps them in optimal working condition, and enhances safety in your workspace.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Before storing, each tool should be thoroughly cleaned to remove soil and plant debris. This prevents the spread of plant diseases and keeps tools sharp and efficient.

An occasional oiling of metal parts can fend off rust, while wooden handles benefit from light sanding and a coat of linseed oil to prevent splintering.

Optimal Placement

The first step in storing garden tools effectively is designating a space for them.

A shed or garage often provides the ideal storage space, offering a cool, dry, and shaded environment.

For smaller tools, dedicated shelves or drawers can work wonders, keeping items organized and easily accessible.

Secure and Safe Storage

Safety is paramount when storing garden tools. Sharp tools should be stored with their edges or points covered or directed toward the wall.

Heavier tools should be stored at lower levels to prevent accidents, and power tools should be unplugged and stored with their cords neatly wrapped.

Organizing tools according to usage can make them easier to find and save time.

To ensure that your garden spaces stay neat and orderly, hang a small chalkboard or whiteboard near the storage area, noting which tools have been borrowed or need refilling.

For larger tools and equipment, like rakes and hoes, hanging is the best storage option. Handles can be hung from wall-mounted nails or pegs.

Tools stored this way are easy to grab when needed and won’t take up precious floor space.


Keeping organized is a great way to keep track of each tool in your storage space.

Group similar items together, and clearly label the area for easy retrieval later on.

If you have multiple sizes or varieties of a tool, separate them into different drawers or shelves to prevent confusion when it’s time to use them.

Advantages of Centralized Storage

Maintaining an efficient garden often requires multiple tools.

With proper storage solutions, all tools can be kept in one place to streamline gardening tasks.

Having the items you need quickly accessible saves time and energy.

Innovative Storage Solutions

There are many creative storage solutions that can be utilized. Pegboards offer a flexible and visual way to hang tools, while magnetic strips can hold smaller metallic items.

A simple pallet can be turned into a tool rack, and even PVC pipes can be used to store long-handled tools.

As you become more organized with your storage habits, you’ll be able to free up space for other projects and enjoy gardening without the hassle of misplaced items.

Joel Simon

As a kid, Joel found enjoyment in caring for the many houseplants he grew up with, learning how to transplant them safely, cloning them, and more. At about the age of 10, he wanted to see if he could sprout an orange seed from a store-bought orange and ended up using it as a science experiment in a school project. Throughout the many years of gardening, he has helped many friends and family set up their food and botanical gardens. After years of caring for plants, he was talking with other gardeners and discovering old methods of farming and botanical gardening. Joel has decided to share his knowledge for others to enjoy as he has for many years.

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